Upselling tips at Noodle w Pudle

Case Study

"Oriental re-orientation. Mix your wok. Come for the ready meal.." - so runs the caption from a manifesto by a Poland-wide oriental chain of restaurants called "Noodle w pudle" whose another distinguishing item are iconic meal boxes.

The problem

After the implementation of the Upmenu online ordering sytem the restaurant chain expected growth in the value of a single order.

The solution

We offered launching the so called upselling tips activated automatically whenever a customer was creating their order online. We suggested focusing on drinks and snacks which were supposed to compliment the main meal. The drinks and snacks tend otherwise to be frequently  forgotten by the customers.

The results

The results are truly amazing. 

  • After the launch of the upselling tips as much as 81% of all drinks and  61% of all snacks are being sold that way.
  • Before the upselling tips were introduced the drinks were ordered 1.7% of times and the snacks 11.9%. After the launch the same indicator for drinks rose to 11,9% and for the snascks to 16.7%. This means that the upselling tips caused a 5 fold increase in drinks ordering and 50% increase for snacks (all data relates only to the orders via Upmenu)
  • The total accumulated increase in average order value is 4,7% 

Dane za okres: 01.11.2012 do 12.01.2013