Proffesional restaurant website with online ordering system for Sushi Box

Case Study

Sushi-box is a compact restaurant situated in Warsaw Mokotow district. The restaurant offers excellent sushi for onsite dining  and for delivery.

The problem

The to date webpage was obsolete and the restaurant management wanted to launch the online sales of their meals.

The solution

It turned out that it is neccessary to design and implement a new webpage first and to lauch the online ordering as a subsequent step. In Novemeber 2012 the new web page was launched with Upmenu online ordering system embedded in it. The web page features clear and light design with user- friendy interface including opening hours and contact information which is now displayed very prominently.

Biggest changes were introduced to the menu which now offers the functionality of own meal composition and online ordering for delivery - all without leaving the restaurant's page.

The results

New web page with much better functionality and design and over 10% on site conversion ratio.

Data for the period : 01.11.2012 - 31.01.2013

"I am very much impressed with the way Upmenu system operates. The company is all proffesional about business relations, offers complete solution and in case of any issues you can bet on immediate response. Way to go! I do believe we won't have any reason to part forr long time."

Norbert Nalewaj
Owner, Sushi Box