Online ordering system at "Noodle w Pudle" restaurant chain

Case Study

The problem

The restaurant chain was looking for a professional system to handle online orders, which would complement its traditional telephone sales channel. With many locations within the network the problem was the existing website's lack of flexibility  which prohibited  swift changes required for the restaurant chain to be able to respond to the changing needs of the market.

The solution

The implementation began with the thorough needs assessment of the restaurant chain.
Developed solutions included: 
  • transfer of the existing website to a content management system built into UpMenu - it helped streamline the data management of all units in the network, delivery areas and offer various facilities. Transfer of the website was associated with encryption, most of the mechanisms were built from scratch but without any significant changes in the appearance of the page..
  •  simultaneous support for multiple network units require reconstruction of the structure so as to provide the ability to automatically search the locations delivering to the indicated address . This solution reduced the time Customers spend seeking a suitable unit, which has a direct impact on the volume of sales.
  • another important part of the solution configuration is a shared menu for all units in the network.. Each  "Noodle w Pudle" location has a similar offer, so the shared menu anbled a more streamlined management of the supply for all the  units.
  • the last element of the implementation was to provide locations with mobile devices to receive orders and starting new website with the ability to place orders online directly on

The results

Were a positive surprise for everyone
Customers are very fond of online ordering.
The current partnership has resulted in not only increasing online sales, but opened the way for further improvements in the restaurant chain. Clients eagerly subscribe to the newsletter and together we are working on the customer loyalty.

data from period 01.11.2012 - 31.01.2013