Online ordering at Hellada restaurant

Case Study

Hellada is a Greek-style tavern situated in the heart of Cracow. Its design - reminding of hot mediteranean climate- and the wide choice of meticulously prepared Greek meals are the restaurants biggest advantages.

The problem

Hellada wished to enable their customers to order meals online since Internet-based ordering is considered to be much more convenient for the customers. At the same time it fosters shortened service time and increased order taking capacity.

The solution

At Hellada we launched the Upmenu system using the to-date webpage of the restaurant. We adjusted the menu's look and feel to the restaurants brand image and the Greek style. This is our  standard approach whenever we encounter a well designed web page of our customers - otherwise a new design would have to be implemented. The additional benefit to the restaurant was that the adaptation was done at no cost . The customers have now also the option to pay online for their delivery orders.

The results

Fast implementation of the ordering system at no additional set up cost to the restaurant.

Data for the period: 15.11.2012 - 15.02.2013

"Upmenu online ordering system is a simple to use yet very good and effective tool. We are plannning to start the cooperation with the Tastysoft company also in other areas as high competence and proffesional service are clearly their trademark. The company fully deserves to be called a model business partner."

Łukasz Mosór
Owner, Hellada