We help restaurants grow their sales

We're changing the foodservice market and the way restaurants are selling their products


We are an innovative IT and advisory company. We help you to sell and grow sales in your restaurant.

We do this through IT solutions and thorough knowledge of the foodservice market (HoReCa), understanding the challenges and needs of restaurant owners as well as the expectations of their Customers.

Why are we needed?

We support and educate the foodservice market, help restaurant owners to become better marketers by providing adequate solutions and know-how.

Running restaurants is a complex process. Restaurant needs a good business plan, and a strategy. It needs to know the Customers and the market in which it operates.

We put great emphasis on

  • Team!
  • listening to customers
  • ongoing development, widening of knowledge and expertise
  • ongoing advancement (kaizen)
  • experiments, research and measuring the effects (measure anything)
  • work in cycles: creating-measurement - learning (lean startup)
  • innovations
  • meetings and conversations as a motor of innovations (networking)
  • mutual respect and relations based on trust
We do our best to ensure that our company provides a satisfying, inspirational and a friendly work environment.


The main product of the company is UpMenu - online ordering system. UpMenu is all your restaurant needs to sell online, improve sales and build loyalty by enabling appropriate marketing activities

Software is provided as service (SaS) in the subscription model Restaurants that implement UpMenu give their customers the ability to order online directly from the website the restaurant. They also include a range of solutions and tools to create a database of customers and examine their opinions, build loyalty and increase sales and monitoring..

The product is aimed at all restaurants, regardless of their size or type of food.


We seek to become the top of mind solution whenever restaurant managers need to increase sales at their restaurant.

The company was founded in February 2012, but our experience of the foodservice industry dates back much earlier..

Already in 2008, we worked with the first restaurants and chains on the construction site for online ordering.

In 2012 we won the partner and investor with 20 years experience who actively helps us to develop the company.

Currently our solution is used by 250 restaurants all over Poland. Meet our clients »


The company is organized around a number of key competencies such as IT, software, marketing, sales, consulting and customer service.

We join a group of enthusiasts and professionals. Our expertise includes:

  • Foodservice industry
  • IT solutions
  • Online Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business and Management
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Meet our team

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Anna Muras

Sales Director

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Bartłomiej Konopka

UX designer
UI Developer

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Adam Kopczyński

Consultant, Gastronomy Specialist
Manager of the restaurant
Kolory Wina

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Klaudia Tomczyńska


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